About Famara

The super relaxed town of Famara grew from a tiny fishing community. Located at the seas edge it was a great location. This was back in the time when fish were bountiful and the only complaint was catching a fish too big to easily carry. The location was chosen because of the small sheltered beach perfect for launching the boats and storing them on the beach above the high water mark.

Years later surfers discovered the waves breaking on the five kilometre long sandy beach. Tourism closely followed and the town gently grew into what it is now.


Famara offers perfect conditions for all levels of surfer from beginner to advanced. The beach offers gentle rolling waves perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers, also for kite surfing and wing foiling. The reefs at San Juan and just off the town harbour wall will satisfy even the most advanced surfers.


Nowadays this thriving town still retains its relaxed and intimate charm with sandy roads and slow pace of life. There is a unique feel to Famara that few other places can offer. A mixture of beach life, relaxed and happy people, great bars, restaurants and the dramatic cliffs that oversee all and light up the area with a warm sunset glow.


The single main road to, from and through the town has a couple of layers of roads either side then the sea and surf. You cannot get lost in Famara.


Along the main road are most of the amenities with surf shops a supermarket and some bars. Those wanting to learn surfing, kite surfing and wing foiling are spoilt for choice by all the surf schools and equipment for hire.


Just on the left as you enter Famara you will find one of the better restaurants going by the name of ‘La Mar Cafe’. The large restaurant induces both a light and open feeling with a cosy, friendly and intimate atmosphere. The healthy and tasty menu is a real delight, many people comment that there is no dish they do not love. The service is polite and punctual and prices keen and good value.


Those looking to visit can find holiday rental accommodation in the main town called ‘Caleta de Famara’ or in the ‘Famara Bungalows’. The bungalows are located at the very foot of the cliffs on a gently slop facing the sea and sunset. They are about one kilometre from Famara town and one of the most sought after places to live in Lanzarote. The properties are all on around a one thousand square meter plot and semi circular in shape. The flat part of the shape made of of huge glass doors allowing the views and light in.


Famara is a small town between the cliffs and the sea that beckons its friends to return year after year. Its a place never forgotten and deep in the hearts of many.